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3 Helpful Content Marketing Strategy Tips

By July 17, 2014 No Comments

Passionate Content Marketing

Content MarketingFinding your passion can be the difference between producing genuine content or “blah” keyword stuffed blog pages. Marketers these days are initiating content marketing campaigns with the idea that the only benefit in PR is to quickly gain exposure, links and thought leadership. Passion takes a more slow and controlled approach yet yields higher results thus, this may possibly be one of the most overlooked tips in content marketing today. The moment we log onto Twitter it’s easy to see that genuine conversation is a rare commodity these days, nevertheless when we find it we’re more prone to follow and support individuals who avoid asking for immediate favors, shares, likes etc.

Michele Weisman, Social Media & PR Manager of Likeable Media expounds that passion is key to workplace success, morphing a mediocre job into an integral part of your life. Passion goes on to facilitate communications, preventing transactional approaches with your supporters.

Add Engaging Visual Aids

Visual content is a powerful tool which can be used to increase your overall website performance. We’ve reached that age in technology where without visual aid, site traffic is sure to decline having an inverse effect on bounce rate and other metrics.

Jeff Bullas during a conversation with Paul Bingham, COO of Shutterstock noted that they’ve increased sales by 57% in the last 12 months, added 44,000 new subscribers and received 33,000 page visits on their Shutterstock photo page in one month while running a media competition on their website. Fluctuations like these statistically support that images have become a prominent content marketing technique.

Create Shareable Content

Stop the hoops and hurdles and show me what I came for…..
There are two primary things to think about when developing a content marketing strategy:
(1)    How can I create extraordinary content
(2)    How can I make my content easily accessible / shareable
In a recent episode of Whiteboard Friday Rand Fishkin combats the ideas that keyword research, good content & crawl friendliness is all you need to rank in the Google search engine.

[iframe src=”http://fast.wistia.net/embed/iframe/zw43ehuvbn” width=100%” height=”480″] Rand makes a very valid point that even having remarkable content marketing isn’t good enough unless it converts into engagement and shares. Engagement plays back into the idea of visual aids as it can hold the attention of your viewers nevertheless, the ultimate challenge is making a user feel as though your content is useful.
See Moz for more information on increasing shares and likeability.
Moreover, during your content marketing campaigns, remember that when sharing this content be sure to GTTP; Get To The Point, noone likes opening a blog or an email newsletter having to sift through useless information to get to the meat and potatoes, which generally leads to low conversion rates, ultimately yielding undesired results.

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