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4 Ways to Mitigate your Inbound Marketing Budget

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Inbound MarketingInbound Marketing

Creating an inbound marketing campaign budget can be a nerve-racking process. The sole responsibility of driving traffic towards your own personal site or perhaps formulating a strategy on your company’s account; means the success or failure rate, in terms of increased exposures and ranking depends on you. SEO is an organic process in the sense that it’s always changing, which means you must learn to update your strategies as well. Here are a few channels to explore that may provide more leniency in the overall performance of your strategy.

Content Marketing | Social Media Marketing
Email Marketing – Newsletter | Paid Advertisements

Content Marketing

Everyone these days is looking for valuable, relevant and shareable content. Creating and distributing relevant and consistent content will attract and acquire a clearly defined audience. This will lead towards a profitable customer action. Now of course the question in everyone’s mind is; how do we know exactly what to post? The answer is simple and is the same across every industry…..ask. Instead of guessing what your audience may want to hear, if you simply ask them what resources their looking for or what content their primarily interested in, you can avoid wasting time and start to hone in on the topics those individuals are looking for. Check out  Best inbound marketing strategies of 2014

Social Media Marketing

Over the years analysts have realized that social media is having an impact on search. CEO and co-founder of SeoMoz, Rand Fishkin reported back in 2011 during an interview with David Wells of Inbound Now that there are two major areas of impact social has on search:

  1. Direct Impact – Facebook and Twitter both sell data to Google and Bing – This data makes its way into Googles ranking algorithm to rank content and author authority.
  2. Indirect Impact – There is a social influential impact that comes from having your content connected to social influencers. Note: Authorship ranking doesn’t exist just yet however many feel they will move towards that in the near future.
    He advised that in order for users to gain off-page SEO, “Some of the easiest ways would be connecting with people on multiple social platforms, Q&A sites as this will help you get connected with people within your industry while linking back to your space.” Although the direct impact of this process is more tenuous in terms of its impact on ranking, it’s imperative when implementing a marketing plan to focus on several different opportunities of exposure.

Email Marketing – Newsletters

Developing an email newsletter is a cost effective way to communicate with your audience. This not only allows you to segment your current customers into categories, providing them relevant content at the click of a button, but also helps when looking to acquire new clients. Although very effective in the eyes of Google and SEO it can be disastrous if you’re not careful. For more information about effective Newsletters here is a great source: Email Alerts w/Rand 7 Golden steps to creating an effective email newsletter

Paid Advertisements

Utilizing paid advertisements to gain authority in today’s digital space is almost inevitable in order to obtain a higher ranking position in search. Building a strategy from scratch or even optimizing a strategy can be a very tricky process for beginners. Joanna Lord, Director of Customer Acquisition of SeoMoz says that one of the best places to start is AdWords Help Interview Video According to her experience, many of the books on paid search can be outdated while Google AdWords has a section on their site with resources organized by chapter to help you understand where to begin, how to find keywords & how to build a competitive strategy. See this article for more tips on AdWords strategies Overall, studies have shown that the best way to get involved with online advertisements is to first start with inbound marketing techniques, gather, compile and study your acquired data and then move into display advertising


Mitigation comes into play when we start to consider the ratio of our spending to our success rate. In other words if I were to anticipate the results of my 3-month strategy while allocating 50% of my budget into AdWords; if my AdWords campaign were to fail by 20% it may prove detrimental to my entire campaign; whereas allocating 10-15% to seven to ten different channels, provides me with the security necessary to maintain the integrity of the entire marketing campaign. Bear in mind there are other segments to allocate funds to such as; outreach, branding, speaking engagements, conferences, philanthropy etc. all of which play an effective role in your link building strategy and changing people’s perception of your business. All of the data acquired should play a key role into selecting which keywords to target, what content to share, what channels to share them on, and what amount to distribute in supporting each respective method.

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