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What Does It Take For Your Website To Rank In Search?

By July 1, 2014 No Comments

What Does It Take For Your Website To Rank In Search?

It’s the million-dollar question nowadays. A lot of organizations are struggling to be on top of search engine rankings—either it’s because of the growing number of competitors or due to new algorithm updates which strike sites out of the coveted first page. Staying on top is just as tough as getting on top of the ranks. So what does it take for a website to rank in the searches?


Understand How SEO Works: Methods, Strategies, and Risks

Oftentimes, clients have little understanding of what SEO really is. Throwing a few (okay, sometimes a lot) of keywords on key pages and the metadata won’t simply do the trick—especially when Google (one of the top search engines) is getting a lot smarter in weeding out these things.

This is when specialists come into play. They know how SEO works and what risks are involved—so they constantly work to achieve these goals. Most clients are even willing to pay money, because some of the inclusions to get links need payment.


Pay Attention To These Things:

  • Content

If you really want to be on top of the search engines, your content needs to rise above the rest. In this ever-changing web landscape, it’s not only a matter of creating unique and relevant text—it’s about using evergreen content.

The guys from Wisegeek have a very interesting definition of an evergreen content: informational or reference material that never goes out of date. When the content never goes out of date, then it can generate consistent traffic and leads.

  • Keywords and Brands

There should be a balanced distribution of keywords to use while in the course of branding your products and services. Targeting the right keyword or keyphrase is important to your success. Consider what people in your niche might type on the search bar. Get those into use and start targeting your content to those keywords.

On the other hand, branding is a controversial matter when it comes to search rankings. Google was put in the spotlight when SEOs noticed that the search engine was ranking brands on top of the organic searches. Although it is understandable (because if you type a certain brand, you want to see the brand’s website), it is still being questioned.

  • Reputation Management

This might be one of the factors that some take for granted. Building a reputation in your industry is a hard one to achieve. You need to be knowledgeable in what you do and your company’s background must be reputable. These will help you reach out to other people that can be a potential client.

  • Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest are some of the best social networks that you might want to try to boost your content, do some branding, and outreach. Gather more likes, shares, tweets, retweets, and +1’s so that your content’s online presence is maximized via these channels. Depending on your budget, you can even pay so that your content can reach those out of your network.

  • Mobile

Some companies fail to oversee all the things they should do for mobile browsing. Most of the time, I see unoptimized websites when browsing in my mobile phone. I need to adjust it by zooming in and out of the webpage just to make sure that I read the content clearly. The websites I’m currently handling are also having problems in mobile searching—but because I’ve seen a significant increase of users browsing through mobile, I decided to include it in my plan for this year.

Mobile browsing will definitely play a huge role in our websites this year and in years to come. Android and iOS are some of the strongest markets as of this year. Making apps and optimizing your website to work with these two giant operating systems will give your website an edge in the competition.


These are just some of the things you should consider to make sure that your website is going up the ranks in the searches. Try to keep in mind that SEO is not a breeze. You have to make sure that the client also knows and understands about SEO and its risks. With these tips, making strategies won’t be as hard as you think.

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