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WordPress Web Development Basics

By August 17, 2015 No Comments

So I’m sitting at home, juggling all of the upcoming tasks I need to complete in my head.

Story of any businessman’s’ life right?

I embarked on this journey of building WordPress websites years ago, and when I started I knew everything!

…..of course until I learned more, and then I realized how much I didn’t know.

I’ve always had a knack for data analysis. If you needed to learn how to stretch a dollar, isolate a test, or optimize results, I was your guy!

But then there was that creative side of me, the part that loved travel, write poetry, and later began pouring that creative inspiration into design comps.

…..If only I was able to make these complex works of art come to life!

WordPress Themes Can Be Misleading

When I stumbled upon “Themeforest” I swore I had found the answer.

If anyone has ever downloaded a WordPress theme before, naivete is bound to kick in and have you thinking that all of your prayers have been answered.

Finally, you can now download an out of the box cookie cutter theme from Envato that’s “easily customizable”, or WPLocker if you’re cheap and don’t mind running the risk of your clients website being pharma-hacked overrun with Viagra oriented ads. (Shame on you, buy the Theme it’s no more than $60).

Anyways, if a client ever asks you for a custom job, well beyond your capabilities, those out of the box themes often don’t solve all their problems, and unless you’re charging enough to hire a front-end developer you’ll be losing that project.

The frustrating part is the changes seem so simple, such as adding a category dropdown menu to your blogs header, or changing navigation from one page to another without changing the theme…..

Well don’t give up, there are helpful resources at your fingertips!

WordPress 101

As you probably know there are several resources online, but I’ve yet to find one that really explains in great detail how to create a WP theme from beginning to end for a complete beginner as well as Alessandro Castellani.

His course has several free includes all of which can be downloaded from GitHub and I’m sure any aspiring developers would be able to appreciate his contribution.

Interested in becoming a better developer, want to bring some of those creative ideas you have to life?

Don’t wait start now…..